In the last few weeks, Max Eberl has caused displeasure with one or the other comment. For example because he described RB Leipzig as one of his “dream clubs” but at the same time didn’t even mention Borussia Mönchengladbach. For Stefan Effenberg this is incomprehensible.

Max Eberl has three “dream clubs”, as he himself explained: “One is RB, one in southern Germany and one in England.”

The fact that he didn’t even mention Gladbach, even though he played there for six and a half years and worked for another 17 years, understandably caused a lot of frustration and displeasure among Borussia fans. Especially since the manager has already broken many fan bridges with his move to Leipzig.

The criticism of these statements did not only come from the fan camp. Stefan Effenberg also criticized Eberl in his column on t-online (via “I didn’t like Eberl’s statements about his three favorite clubs. That certainly didn’t go down well in Gladbach either and it’s not fair to the club which he could grow into a good manager.”

Effenberg added all the more clearly: “It’s a shame if you forget where you come from.”

Rather, Eberl should be grateful to Gladbach. At least he could have “save the statements”, according to the TV expert from Sport1.

Nevertheless, he begrudges the new RBL sports manager his return to professional football. “He needed this break. In Leipzig he now has completely different requirements than in Gladbach and can show that he is a top manager,” Effenberg continued. But he also has to be measured against these greater expectations.

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