After the accident of national soccer goalkeeper Manuel Neuer on a ski tour, further details about the event have become known. The 36-year-old fell at the bottom of the steep southern slope of the Roßkopf on Spitzingsee in Bavaria, a spokesman for the Schliersee mountain rescue service confirmed to the “Miesbacher Merkur” on Sunday. The group with which Neuer was traveling then made an emergency call. The rescue workers did not initially recognize Neuer because of his helmet and hat. But it quickly became clear to them “that it was Mr. Neuer.”

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Neuer had broken his lower leg in the accident. “What can I say, the end of the year could have gone better,” wrote the soccer professional on Instagram on Saturday. He wanted to clear his head while ski touring, which is when the mishap happened. The necessary operation “went very well,” assured Neuer. However, the keeper will be out for the rest of the season.

Unlike alpine skiing on groomed slopes or cross-country skiing, ski touring is more of a mountaineering discipline. With skis on their feet, ski tourers climb suitable mountains – and then ski down again in the classic form through unprepared, unsecured terrain.