The new club boss has already been decided, the new coach is due to arrive soon and sports director Peter Knäbel is fighting for the turnaround with an angry speech – and probably also for his job: At Bundesliga relegated FC Schalke 04, the sporting crisis is coming to a head after the 1:3 in Paderborn is becoming more and more crowded, but with the many personnel construction sites, at least solutions are emerging soon.

Hefer confirms CEO

“We have found a new CEO and reached an agreement,” confirmed the chairman of the supervisory board, Axel Hefer, to the German Press Agency: “He will be introduced shortly during the international break.” Hefer has not yet provided any information about Bernd Schröder’s successor.

Whoever it is, he is taking on a difficult task. The promotion places are already nine points away after eight games. Given the dynamics, some fear that Schalke will be passed through like Arminia Bielefeld was last year. Missing out on promotion would be hard for the financially troubled club. Schalke could afford three years in the 2nd league, said Hefer. If that doesn’t work, “that will of course have an impact.” In winter, additional purchases are definitely possible.

Knäbel’s future is open

The head of the supervisory board contradicted rumors about a decision to replace sports director Knäbel: “That is not correct.” However, he confirmed that the decision about his future is still open. “This is an issue that we will address calmly as soon as the acute challenges have been solved,” said the 46-year-old: “When the new coach and the new CEO are there, we have to calmly analyze what the problem was and what things we still need to adapt, especially in sport.”

At the general meeting, Hefer announced that contract talks with Knäbel would soon take place. “Due to the start of the season, we are a bit stuck in the decision-making schedule, you can honestly say that,” he explained.

Criticism of the players

Knäbel himself had become increasingly angry after the defeat in Paderborn. He described the performance as “despondent” and “naive” and said: “We can tell each other all the time how good this team is and how much quality they have and where they have all played and what they would like to do. But In the end, what matters is: What do they do with the jersey from the club that pays them. And that’s clearly not enough today.” Knäbel needs to find a new coach for this team.

Interim coach Matthias Kreutzer, who only took over management of the team from Thomas Reis on Wednesday, did not ensure a short-term change in mood. The 40-year-old was let down by the professionals. “It wasn’t an application from the team for the new coach,” said Knäbel, but also added: “I’m not afraid that one of the candidates we spoke to will say: “Uiuiui, what a shitty performance. such a mess, I don’t want to go there.””

Still interested in Schalke

Hefer also denied that numerous candidates had already dropped out due to a lack of interest. “Schalke is one of the biggest clubs in the world. The incredible emotional fluctuations are what define the club. And that appeals to people and potential partners,” he said: “Schalke is still a club where – be it players, sponsors or coaches – virtually everyone is ready to talk and feels a certain tingling sensation.” According to information from several media outlets, at least the former Hertha and Mainz coach Sandro Schwarz has other plans.

Kreutzer should also look after the team on Sunday against Hertha. Then a successor should be chosen. Hefer almost ruled out an internal solution. “Our goal is to bring in a new coach,” he said: “And I am very confident that we will succeed in this in the foreseeable future. We are working hard on it.”