In order to overcome the weaker self, you need the right motivation: Some people join the gym, others sign up for a sports course – such as yoga, Pilates, Zumba or the popular abs, legs and buttocks workout. However, the time obligation is not very attractive for professionals who are not very flexible in terms of time and also for people who are not sporty. Because of this, they prefer to go jogging or just exercise at home. In order to train specific muscle groups in a targeted manner, it can make sense to purchase suitable fitness gadgets. These are also particularly good for gifts. We present ten ideas to you.

A popular fitness gadget among athletes is the so-called abdominal roller. It supports the abdominal muscle workout and is very easy to use: the training device is rolled over the floor using two handles that are attached to the right and left of the wheel of the tool. In the following video, the correct application (including exercises) is explained again in detail. With this gift, even non-sports people can train quickly and easily.

In order to get a feeling for how much (or little) you move during the day, it can make sense to buy a fitness tracker. It is worn on the wrist like a watch and has different functions depending on the manufacturer. This model from Garmin shows the number of daily steps, the distance covered, your calorie consumption, the duration of sleep (including analysis), time/date and can be used as a stopwatch.

A healthy lifestyle is not only defined by sporting activities – the topic of nutrition also plays an important role. In this fitness cookbook, for example, you will find a large number of recipes (250 in total) for varied and healthy dishes. They should not only support the muscle building of athletes, but also fat burning. With this gift, a new nutrition plan can be created.

Whether aerobics, fitness or yoga: no matter which sport you choose – there are numerous exercises that can be supported or even strengthened with small weights. It is important that beginners do not use dumbbells that are too heavy, but start with light models. These weights weigh two kilos each and make an ideal fitness gift. For advanced users there are also three or four kilo dumbbell sets.

Those who don’t like sports are rarely drawn to the gym. But even physically active people don’t always find the time to do their workout in the gym. In fact, this is not necessary at all, since many exercises can be carried out at home – ideally in combination with suitable fitness tools that deepen the training. With this practical door strap for fitness bands, you can, for example, adjust the desired resistance to your workout.

Resistance bands are also suitable for targeted muscle training. These are rubber bands with two loose ends that you wrap around your wrists to create resistance. The purpose is to exert strength through various exercises and to train individual muscle groups. The foldable gadget is particularly practical when traveling or on the go.

Another popular fitness tool (and gift) is the skipping rope. What is special about this version is an integrated counter that measures the number of jumps, body weight, calorie consumption and training time. Even those who don’t like sports don’t have to keep counting quietly, but can leave the work to the device. You still have to jump yourself.

A quick and easy way to shed a few pounds and keep fit is to go running. From brisk walks to brisk walking to fast jogging, everything is allowed. The main thing is: you move. Essential for longer distances are comfortable and functional running shoes that have a comfortable footbed and also ensure optimal support – no matter what the situation in life.

This gift idea is a bit more unusual and significantly more expensive: a fitness bow. This is a kind of fitness bar with resistance bands (incl. training manual and carrying bags) that can be used to train stomach and legs, back and arms, chest and shoulders in equal measure. How the whole thing looks in practice is explained in a video by the manufacturer Road2Goat.

A mini-trampoline is exactly the right fitness gift for those who don’t like sports, but sports enthusiasts can also be enthusiastic about the training device. Because even if jumping on it is so much fun that it doesn’t seem like sport at all – you actually burn a lot of calories with so-called jumping fitness and can also improve your heart and respiratory function.

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