After a controversial statement by author Richard David Precht about Orthodox Judaism in the ZDF podcast “Lanz und Precht”, the editorial team removed the relevant passage. “We regret that a passage in the current issue of “Lanz

Precht himself said in a statement added later before the episode that a wording had been used that had caused offense and led to criticism. “Of course we don’t want that and we really regret that it’s that way. Especially since it wasn’t even remotely meant the way it was perceived.” The 58-year-old announced that he wanted to talk about it in the next episode.

This is what this passage is about

In the episode published on Friday, Precht said that her religion forbids Orthodox Jews from working. “Except for a few things like diamond trading and a few financial transactions.”

The German-Israeli Society was outraged by this statement. “Mazal tov, Mr. Precht

The board of the Orthodox Rabbinical Conference of Germany (ORD) called the statements a “slap in the face of the Jewish community in Germany.” Given the statements made by Precht, “we should not be surprised by anti-Semitism and reservations, even hatred towards Jews living here and the State of Israel,” it said in a statement on Sunday. “The fact that Precht is given a platform in a public broadcasting format and that his crude opinions remain unchallenged and partially confirmed by ZDF presenter Markus Lanz is scandalous.”

The Israeli embassy in Germany had already accused Precht of anti-Semitism on Saturday. “Schuster stick to your guns: Dear Richard David Precht, if you don’t know anything about Judaism, it’s better to say nothing about it than to rehash ancient anti-Semitic conspiracy theories,” she shared on X. The deputy CDU chairwoman and spokeswoman for the CDU Jewish Forum, Karin Prien, made a similar statement. “Anti-Semitic stereotypes by super philosopher Richard David Precht. Germany 2023. Stunned.”

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