According to police, emergency services were attacked after a pro-Palestine vigil at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin last night. People tried to get to March 18th Square, the police said on the platform X, formerly Twitter. “Our emergency services were also attacked.” After several loudspeaker announcements asking people to leave the area, the unauthorized gathering was dispersed.

According to the police, more than 300 people spontaneously gathered at the Brandenburg Gate and held a peaceful vigil at Pariser Platz. According to an estimate by a dpa photographer, there were around 1,000 people. The Straße des 18. März is on the other side of the Brandenburg Gate.

Also used in Neukölln

The police were also deployed in Neukölln because of the call for an undeclared pro-Palestine demonstration. “In the Sonnenallee and Pannierstrasse area, pyrotechnics were set off several times by people who were partially masked,” the police said on X. According to the police situation center, there was a call online to take part in a demonstration, but it was not registered.

According to a dpa reporter, numerous young men in particular had gathered on Sonnenallee. Firecrackers were heard several times. On Saturday evening, young people clashed with the police in Neukölln following a ban on pro-Palestinian gatherings. Small groups repeatedly came together and shouted slogans such as “Free Palestine”. The police intervened and temporarily detained some people.

Since the massive attack by the Islamist Hamas from the Gaza Strip on Israel on Saturday last week, there have been repeated pro-Palestinian gatherings in Berlin.