The Bundestag has launched the citizens’ allowance planned by the traffic light coalition. SPD, Greens and FDP voted in favor of the law with their majority. In a roll-call vote, 385 MPs voted in favor of the law, 261 against. There were 33 abstentions. Citizens’ income is to gradually replace the current Hartz IV system at the turn of the year. However, this still requires approval in the Bundesrat, which is expected to decide on Monday. The Union has threatened to block citizen’s income there because it believes it reduces motivation to take up work.

Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) campaigned for approval in the state chamber after the debate in the Bundestag on Thursday. “If that doesn’t work, there is still a chance, namely the possibility of getting results in a speedy mediation process.” But you have to be ready by the end of November at the latest so that the citizen’s income can come into force on January 1st. The mediation process means a search for compromise in the joint mediation committee of the Bundestag and Bundesrat.

The traffic light plans for citizen income provide for an increase in the current standard rate of 449 euros for single people to 502 euros. In future, the unemployed should also be put under less pressure by threatened withdrawal of benefits (sanctions) and instead receive more support with further training measures. In addition, the requirements for the permitted amount of assets and the size of the apartment for benefit recipients are to be relaxed.