Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump can count on the vote of his former party rival Nikki Haley in the November election. Haley said at an event in Washington that she was not always politically in line with Trump. Nothing has changed about that. However, the Democratic incumbent Joe Biden is “a disaster,” explained Haley. “That’s why I’m going to vote for Trump.”

The former US ambassador to the United Nations fought a week-long duel with Trump in the internal Republican primaries for the presidential candidacy, but had no chance and ultimately gave up. This means that the US election campaign will see a new edition of the duel between Trump and Biden, who wants to run again in the election on November 5th and has no real competition in his party. 

Immediately after her exit, Haley demonstratively refrained from expressing her support for Trump. Now she emphasized that, despite her personal voting decision, Trump should not simply rely on the votes of her voters. “Trump would be wise to reach out to the millions of people who voted for me and continue to support me,” Haley warned. “And not to assume that they’ll just take his side.”