Less than a week before the state elections in Bavaria, CSU leader Markus Söder has once again categorically rejected a coalition with the Greens. “With me there will definitely be no black-green party in Bavaria,” said the incumbent Bavarian Prime Minister in a TV duel with the Green Party’s leading candidate Ludwig Hartmann on Bavarian Television.

Hartmann, on the other hand, said that he was “convinced” that a black-green government would be the right answer to the current challenges and also the social division. This also includes Söder’s statement that the Greens have no “Bavarian gene”. This categorization “excludes everyone who does not vote for the CSU,” and this is a “division that I do not want to accept.”

Söder emphasized that the government and the Free Voters had worked well together over the past five years. A Bavarian state government with the Greens would no longer be independent of the federal government and would then no longer be able to represent Bavarian interests. Söder also accused the Greens of having no ability to govern.