More about the Reich citizens: On April 4th, RTL showed the television documentary “stern Investigative.”, which you can also access on RTL and stern PLUS. In addition to suspected coup plans, it is about the connections between parts of the AfD and radical citizens of the Reich, including in the “Kingdom of Germany”. The star is part of RTL Deutschland.

The entire research team on the Reich Citizen Complex: Vicky Bargel, Moritz Dickentmann, Markus Frenzel, David Holzapfel, Tina Kaiser, Johanna Lazar, Birte Meier, Torsten Misler, Marc Neller (coordination), Uli Rauss, Kristina Ratsch, Kim Lucia Ruoff, Oliver Schröm and Larissa Thome; Verification: Michael Lehmann-Morgenthal.