No citizen in Germany is to be forced to use the much-anticipated Corona-Warning-App. The people in charge emphasize again and again. But you can rely on? The Minister of justice of the Green require a legal Foundation.

Berlin (dpa) – The four justice Ministers and senators of the Greens and in the provinces, to regulate the use of the proposed Corona-Warning App by law.

So it must be ensured that the App should only be on a voluntary Basis used in the position paper of Katja Meier (Saxony, Germany) Dirk Adams (Thuringia, Germany), Dirk Behrendt (Berlin) and Till Steffen (Hamburg). Previously had already made the Bundestag group of the Greens for such a legal basis is strong, however, in vain.

With the Tracing App, the Federal government wants to recognize the chains of Infection of the Coronavirus better and ensure that in the case of a easing for the public life increases the spread of the Coronavirus strong again. The App, developed by the Telekom and SAP, is expected to be released in June.

Tracing Apps could represent an opportunity to identify chains of Infection and to isolate the position paper. “Your surveillance potential but also carries great risks. Therefore, we demand that such applications must not only be strict data protection requirements.” A commitment to install an App and a Smartphone, not should there be.

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) and Federal Minister of the interior, Horst Seehofer (CSU) had stressed in recent days and weeks on several occasions, the use of the App must be voluntary. They were also against incentives for people to install the App or use it. “If the citizen has the impression that there will not twirl a Speck, then a sufficient number to participate,” said Seehofer. Previously, the EU had, however, politicians are Axel Voss (CDU) proposed that users of the Warning, the App should have more freedoms than those who do not download.

The Minister of justice of the Greens insist that no one should be disadvantaged in the case of mass transactions, if he had not installed any Tracing App on his Smartphone or no Smartphone at the lead. Also in working conditions, the Installation of a Tracing should not be required of employees App.

The Federal government sees no need for a special App-the law, as there is for the protection of the data and the privacy of a well-functioning legal framework. Support the Green from the Left, which is also a law call for. The FDP opposes a new law. With the selected Open-Source approach, more trust could be created by any statutory provision, said the FDP members of the Bundestag, Manuel Höferlin. “What is important now is that the App is done as fast as possible available for Download,” said the Chairman of the digital Committee. The AfD faction in the Bundestag, demanded that there should be no discrimination of Non-users.

position paper of the green Minister of justice to the Corona-Warning-App