a Good two weeks after his death in a brutal police operation in the African-American George Floyd is to be buried this Tuesday from 18 PM in Pearland in Houston. Accompanied the private ceremony of a public memorial in the Texas metropolis of Houston, where Floyd was raised to be.

George Floyd’s funeral – so you can make the funeral ceremony in the Live Stream and watch

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The 46-Year-old use on the 25 was at a police. May in Minneapolis (Minnesota) have been killed. Since then, the country it is far to mass protests against racism and police violence, the US President Donald Trump under pressure.

The designated presidential candidate of the U.S. Democrats, Ex-Vice President Joe Biden, has accused the Republicans Trump a number of times to divide the country, instead of to a. Biden wanted to meet on Monday in Houston, members of Floyd’s to be a private conversation, as several US media unanimously reported. Trump wanted to come together in the White house with representatives of safety authorities. According to the White house, widespread program, the appointment should not be open to the public. Trump competes in the presidential election in November to a second term.

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