Texas Senator Ted Cruz stated that he wrote a letter asking for an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission into GoFundMe’s fundraising platform for Canadian truckers.

“Today, I wrote a letter asking the Federal Trade Commission to open an investigation into GoFundMe and whether they’ve engaged in deceptive trade practices,” Cruz said to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo during ” Sunday morning Futures”.

“Because people gave money, they did so under the promise that it would go to Freedom Convoy and not to any left-wing ideology GoFundMe or other Silicon Valley businesses support. They deceive consumers, and it is wrong.”

GoFundMe closed the fundraiser for the Canadian truckers protesting federal government’s vaccination mandates cross-border truckers. They cited “evidence from law enforcement” that the peaceful demonstration had become an occupation.

Initial announcements by the crowdfunding platform stated that the remaining $9 million would be donated to Freedom Convoy organizers, and verified by the site. This was in addition to refunding donations.
Governor. Ron DeSantis, Florida’s attorney general, said Saturday that GoFundMe will be investigated by him.

GoFundMe stated that all donations would be refunded after the backlash.

Cruz said to Bartiromo, “The Canadian truckers were heroes, they’re patriots, and they’re marching for my freedom and your freedom.”
They’re not only defending Canada but also defending America. This is courage displayed that the government does not have the right force you to follow their arbitrary orders. They’re fighting for freedom and big government hates them and wants to crush them.