In the wage dispute in the public sector, clinic employees stopped working in several federal states on Tuesday. In Hesse, according to the Verdi union, the warning strikes began in several clinics with the start of the early shift. The employees followed a nationwide strike call for workers in hospitals, psychiatric clinics, care facilities and the emergency services for Tuesday and Wednesday.

In Berlin, Brandenburg and Hamburg, the employees of several hospitals also went on warning strikes in the morning. The trade union also intensified the industrial action in more than 30 municipal hospitals and district clinics as well as facilities for the elderly in Bavaria. In the Nuremberg Clinic, for example, planned operations should be postponed.

In Hanover, the warning strikes on Tuesday affected local public transport. Many buses and trains remain in the depot in the morning, as a spokesman for the Verdi union said. Local trains such as S-Bahn, on the other hand, should not be on strike. In addition, all employees of the federal and municipal public services in Hanover were called on to go on warning strikes, including administration and daycare centers.

Verdi wants to push through 10.5 percent more wages for the 2.5 million federal and local employees nationwide, but at least 500 euros more a month. Employers are gradually offering five percent more for a two-year term and a one-off payment of 2,500 euros. The third round of negotiations will take place at the end of March.