For the first time in years, the AfD is ahead of the Greens in the “Sunday Trend” of “Bild am Sonntag”. In the most recent survey, the right-wing populists come to 16 percent, one point more than in the previous week, as the newspaper reported on Sunday. The Greens lost one percentage point and are now only 15 percent. Most recently, the AfD was ahead of the Greens in the 2018 poll.

According to the information, the Union remains in first place in the current survey with 28 percent (minus one). The SPD comes to an unchanged 21 percent. The FDP increases by one percentage point to eight percent, the left also gains a point and comes to five percent.

For the “Sunday trend”, the opinion research company Insa interviewed 1202 people on behalf of the newspaper from March 13th to 17th. The statistical margin of error was given as plus/minus 3.1 percentage points.

The “ARD-Deutschlandtrend” came to similar conclusions. Here, too, the Greens posted their worst result in a year. If there were a general election on Sunday, the party would only get 16 percent, according to the survey published on Friday. This is one percentage point less than in the previous month.

The SPD, on the other hand, can maintain its result of 18 percent, the FDP even improve by one percentage point to seven percent. Overall, however, the three traffic light games would still lose more than ten percent compared to the result in the 2021 federal election and thus again miss their own majority.

The Union would lose one percentage point, but would remain the strongest group with 30 percent. The AfD could increase one percentage point to 15 percent. Five percent of voters would still choose the left.

For the “Germany trend”, the Infratest Dimap institute surveyed a total of 1215 voters in Germany by telephone and online from March 14th to 15th.