After riots at a protest against an AfD party conference in Offenburg, several suspected violent criminals are being investigated. On Saturday, the police arrested the personal details of more than 400 participants in a demonstration that had degenerated into riots with injuries.

There were allegations such as serious breach of the peace, resistance to law enforcement officials and bodily harm. As a dpa reporter reported, officials used batons against demonstrators to stop the protest march. At the same time, the participants were asked via loudspeaker to remain peaceful. According to the police, more than 200 people were sent off to prevent further disruptive actions.

1200 people demonstrate peacefully

According to the police, three officers and two demonstrators were injured in the riots. A police officer and the two protesters were examined at the hospital. In the meantime, there was a fire at one point – 20 officials were reportedly able to continue their service despite minor injuries. According to this, around 1,200 people had previously protested peacefully in the city center and at the exhibition center at another demonstration.

The AfD Baden-W├╝rttemberg met on Saturday for their state party conference in the Baden town in the Ortenau district. Several hundred members of the opposition party are taking part in the two-day event. On Saturday, the AfD passed several resolutions, including on the Ukraine war.

Since July, the AfD state association has been observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution as a suspected right-wing extremist. The secret service can thus examine the right-wing populists more closely and, under strict conditions, observe members, monitor phones and recruit informants.