China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang has expressed concern about a possible escalation of the Ukraine war. Presenting a concept paper on the Global Security Initiative (GSI) by head of state and party leader Xi Jinping in Beijing today, Qin Gang said: “China is deeply concerned that the conflict could escalate and even get out of control.” However, the Foreign Minister continued to refrain from criticizing Russia for its war of aggression.

China is committed to peace talks and dialogue to consider all countries’ interests and seek common security, Qin Gang said. “At the same time, we urge the countries concerned to immediately stop fanning the flames, stop blaming China, and stop chanting ‘Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow’.”

He dismissed growing international concerns that China, like Russia in Ukraine, could launch a war to conquer Taiwan, which Beijing sees as part of the People’s Republic. The democratic island republic, on the other hand, has long considered itself independent and seeks international recognition as a nation. The US has committed to Taiwan’s defense capability.

Beijing announces its own peace initiative

On the first anniversary of the Russian invasion on Friday, China announced its own peace initiative to resolve the conflict. It was initially unclear whether a concrete plan would be presented beyond the current concept paper. It only mentions the Ukraine crisis in one sentence with the support of “dialogue and negotiations”.

China’s announcement was greeted with international skepticism because the communist leadership in Beijing is backing Russian President Vladimir Putin and is taking a front against the US and NATO.

China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning recently summed up the Chinese position: “The USA are the ones who triggered the Ukraine crisis.” They are also “the biggest factor fueling the crisis”. However, the alliance with Russia is increasingly isolating China in the world. Diplomats in Beijing warned that the peace initiative could only be a kind of propaganda flight forward.

With his previously presented Global Security Initiative, Xi Jinping is relatively vaguely pursuing a “new concept of security” in the world. In addition to respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, it is about cooperative, sustainable and “indivisible” security, compliance with the UN Charter, consideration of the “legitimate security interests of all countries” and the peaceful resolution of conflicts through dialogue and consultation.