The Federal Constitutional Court has declared a submission by the constitutional judges in Thuringia on a Corona regulation from autumn 2020 to be inadmissible. The judges in Karlsruhe do not comment on the content of the questions raised. This emerges from a decision of the First Senate, which was published on Thursday. (Az. 1 BvN 1/21)

At the request of the AfD parliamentary group, the Weimar court has to decide whether the far-reaching encroachments on fundamental rights through the regulation had a sufficient legal basis. At that time there were no special regulations for Corona in the Federal Infection Protection Act. The Thuringian judges had the impression that they took a different view on the issue than the constitutional judges in Saxony-Anhalt and therefore wanted a clarifying decision from Karlsruhe. However, the Federal Constitutional Court does not believe that this would be necessary.