powers of attorney amended, the redevelopment of the polling stations, wearing a mask mandatory… the ministry of The Interior recalled Wednesday, June 17, in the evening, the rules for the second round of the municipal elections of 28 June. In view of the health rules imposed by the Covid-19, the ministry of the Interior proposes “alternative ways of campaign” election, such as lige professions of faith, the establishment of panels of additional display and ” awareness of local and national media to give more visibility to campaigns “.

For public meetings, the combinations that are possible in establishments open to the public under the conditions envisaged by the decree of 31 may establishing the rules of the state of public health emergency. The proxies for the second round of the march 22, remain valid, and the agents may be holders of two proxies established in France. The persons who, by reason of the coronavirus, could not move to make their power of attorney can apply to their police or gendarmerie that people come to their home to collect their proxy. A decree published in the official Journal in the night from Wednesday to Thursday also specifies that requests for powers of attorney may be collected, and this ” sustainable manner “, in places open to the public, and are defined by the prefects.

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Offices of voting developed

on the day of The vote, as for the first round, the polling stations will be so arranged as to limit to the maximum the contacts and ensure a distance of at least a metre between each person present, according to the ministry. The number of voters who can simultaneously access to the voting office will be limited, and priority will be given to vote to vulnerable people. Each polling place must also obligatorily be equipped with an access to a water point with soap or hydroalcoholic gel. The supply of commons and offices of vote in masks, visors of protective and hydroalcoholic gel will be supported fully by the State.

It will be possible to attend at the counting provided they wear a mask, “surgical” and to observe the gestures barriers, in the limit, however, the capacity of the place of counting. The conditions for the holding of the election have been detailed in two decrees published in the official Journal in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. The number of panels allocated to each candidate and the posters that can be redeemed will be doubled. And it will not be required to stamp the electoral map after the signing of the attendance list, provides, in particular one of them. The bulletins mentioning the date of march 22, also remain valid.

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The second round of the municipal scheduled for march 22 in 5,000 communes was postponed in extremis because of a pandemic. Emmanuel Macron confirmed on Sunday its held on 28 June. But it is reported in French Guiana, where the growth in the number of cases of coronavirus is a concern.