According to a court order and according to the secret service in Kiev, Ukraine will receive assets from the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska worth the equivalent of 250 million euros. The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine has upheld a decision by the Ministry of Justice in Kiev, according to which Deripaska’s companies, land and holdings will be handed over to the state, the secret service said on Thursday evening. Ukraine wants to use the money to compensate for war damage.

Deripaska, who is close to the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin and is also subject to sanctions in the West as a supporter of the war of aggression against Ukraine, is one of the richest Russians. The multi-billionaire, who became rich in the aluminum business, among other things, has managed companies through a network of companies and business structures in various regions of Ukraine, it said. He tried to hide his ownership.

According to the secret service, it was discovered that Deripaska owned or partially owned several companies. More than 300 objects were also confiscated, including real estate that would now be transferred to state assets. The total value of the assets transferred to the state is ten billion hryvnia (around 250 million euros), the secret service said. Deripaska has been criticized for making money directly from the war in Ukraine through his commodity deals and proximity to the Kremlin.