After the deaths of at least two journalists in an Israeli airstrike in Lebanon, the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah has again shelled targets in the border region. Hezbollah said its more than five attacks were intended to “avenge” the killing of the two TV journalists.

The militias attacked a military post in northern Israel with Katyusha-type rockets and “hit it directly.” They also fired rockets at a factory belonging to the Israeli arms company Rafael.

Israel’s army said it had attacked several suspicious targets. The army also attacked and hit an anti-tank weapon near the common border. Israel’s armed forces are attacking “Hezbollah terrorist targets in Lebanon.”

According to local media, at least two journalists were killed in an Israeli airstrike in southern Lebanon on Tuesday. The pro-Iranian television channel Al-Majadin confirmed that a reporter and a photographer from the channel were killed. The crew was “directly and specifically attacked,” said the station’s director. A security source told the German Press Agency that a civilian was also killed in the attack.

The Israeli army said it was acting against a Hezbollah threat in the area. Staying in the area where there is constant shelling is dangerous. The specific incident is currently being investigated.