The Brandenburg Green Party leader Julia Schmidt has resigned. This was surprisingly announced by the state executive of the party. The background to the step is unclear – the state association accused Schmidt of misconduct without becoming more specific.

The 29-year-old Greens politician tweeted that she had announced her resignation, paving the way for the state association to be reorganized. Schmidt has been at the head of the state party since 2019. She was elected to the management duo together with Alexandra Pichl.

At the board meeting on Friday evening, the Greens state board had withdrawn their confidence in further cooperation, the party board announced. She complied with the request to resign. The board of directors said without further explanation: “Repeated cases of intolerable misconduct had preceded it.” The delegates are to decide on the successor in April.

The Greens govern in a coalition with the SPD and CDU in Brandenburg. The state elections are coming up next year.

Schmidt said via Twitter: “Brandenburg’s parties are currently faced with the task of preparing themselves for the 2024 state election in terms of content and personnel.” She personally decided not to be available as a top candidate. “I would rather first complete my studies, which has recently become increasingly difficult to achieve alongside my political work.”