But now the President Jair Bolsonaro is likely to be given a clear warning from Europe scared. Seven large European investment firms have threatened of Brazilian meat producers to separate grain traders and even government bonds if the government continues to do nothing against the massive deforestation of the Amazon under. The learned the news Agency Reuters exclusive.

It is a lot of money. The companies – including the Finnish financial group Nordea and the British investment company LGIM – invested according to the report, around two trillion dollars in the Brazilian economy. You should make good on her threat, it could be currently from the Coronavirus particularly hard hit country, possibly before the bankruptcy.

Brings the threat of massive economic consequences of the turning point in the struggle for Survival of the Amazon?

The Latin America expert at the Hamburg-based research Institute, “German Institute for Global and Area Studies”, Daniel Flemes, believes that economic pressure is probably the best hand, to move the Brazilian government to Act. “Experience shows that the government Bolsonaros only to agreements, when others threaten to if drastic consequences. Germany and Europe should begin to put their economic weight in the weighing pan to protect the Amazon rain forest,” says Flemes in an interview with FOCUS Online.

Amazon: Mercosur agreement could exacerbate deforestation

so Far, the international community of the massive deforestation of the rain forest has more or less sitting on the sidelines. Last year, the devastating fires in the Amazon had caused a massive international criticism.Non-governmental organisations demanded, among other things, a stop of the “Mercosur free trade agreement” between Europe and the South American States, make it easier for the Brazilian agricultural sector, the access to the European market and so in the eyes of the critics of the mass deforestation of the rain forest, adhere would continue to provide feed.

the calls for a Boycott of Brazilian products, the damage may be to the rain forest, growing louder and louder. Especially the soy bean in Europe and China, used as animal feed, is considered to be one of the largest land carnivores in Brazil.

The latest satellite images by the National Institute for space research Inpe, however, show: All of the debates, protests and political declarations of intent, the cooked in the Wake of the devastating Amazonian fires high in the past year, have had no effect. On the contrary, In the first quarter of 2020, 55 percent more area in Brazil, even in a tropical rain forest cleared than in the same period last year.

Corona: “Illegal loggers, not the home office”

The WWF make sees a connection between the pandemic and the exploding destruction of the forest. “State regulation and control of the forest is partially restricted, so that illegal logging can take the place of strikes and mobilisation of the country more easily and frequently,” says a new investigation by the environmental Foundation. Accordingly, the area of tropical forests in the 18 countries studied, declined in March to 6,500 square kilometres, which corresponds to about seven Times the size of Berlin.

“Illegal loggers do not a home office,” said the Brazilian Greenpeace spokesman Rômulo Batista in may compared with the dpa. In the South American country of lumberjacks, gold prospectors and other adventurers can also indulge in the Amazon their illegal activities easily. The Brazilian environmental authority Ibama has weakened President Jair Bolsonaro since he took office in January 2019 specifically. Personnel and controls were less.

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Bolsonaro Amazon sees as the economic Nutzgebiet

Bolsonaro looks Amazonia, primarily as an economic Nutzgebiet, the it exploit and to open for mining, shall apply, says expert Flemes: “At a Cabinet meeting, the Minister of the environment Ricardo Salles proposed that, at last, even openly, to deregulate environmental laws in the shadow of the corona crisis, and the economic exploitation of the Amazon’s advancing.”

Sad climax of Bolsonaros fatal environmental policy: In December, the President of the so-called “land-grabbing”law was on the way, the illegal deforestation and illegal occupation of public Land prior to 2018 – a total of 570,000 square kilometers, more than the area of Spain – later to legalize would.

The already precarious situation of the rain forest has increased in the corona of a crisis so again. If companies were to play for the Brazilian economy an important role, as close together now and President Bolsonaro under the threat of force massive consequences to the Act, could burst at the node, the uncertainty about the rescue of the Amazon, finally. But is that enough?

Boycott, new supply chains and tougher penalties for illegal wood

Brazil expert Flemes is convinced that the international community still more effective lever available to print on the Bolsonaro-the exercise of government. “The EU-Mercosur agreement, for example, provides the Europeans with many options, binding and verifiable environmental and human rights standards to establish, the breach of which should automatically pull the Import ban of agricultural products.” Also of beef – and soy boycott by European consumers, would meet the Brazilian government hard, because the agricultural lobby is one of its most important Support.

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The environmental organization WWF in their recent study of logging in the tropics during the corona crisis. It calls for, among other things:

  • deforestation-free supply chains are build

A legislative initiative to deforestation freedom of all products traded in Europe, could increase the pressure on the Brazilian government. About one-sixth of the in the EU-traded food contributes to WWF-information on deforestation in the tropics. Currently being explored at EU level, what measures are suitable, the deforestation of freedom for products in the whole of the EU-ensure that market. Important the environmental protection is the organization that, above all, that the legislative initiatives not only social Standards but also the environmental conditions include.

  • trade of products from illegally harvested wood hardener

The trade in illegal timber is ranked according to the WWF punish-information in the world of TRANS-national organised crime, and could be addressed through a better implementation of the European timber trade regulation, be better than before. 15 to 30 percent of wood imports, the EU, generated from illegal logging.

“The Federal government should use during this year’s Review of the European timber trade regulation to ensure that all timber products on the European market are free from illegally harvested wood, the controls are significantly improved, and the penalties for violations have a deterrent effect,” calls the WWF. Currently, the enforced Maximum sun in proven cases, on average, only a few Thousand euros.

  • Sustainable economic aid

WWF calls for further economic sectors of aid for the economy, the environment and climate are affecting harmful or indigenous and traditional forest communities to exclude. The stimulus package should be aligned in the opposite, in fact, now that the course is in a deforestation-free and sustainable future. “During and after the pandemic issued stimulus packages may have no direct or indirect deforestation, and the implementation of the sustainable development goals”, requires the environmental protection organization.

The international community of States has so many means at Hand, to the progressive deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon face. The devastating fires in the tropical forests of the Amazon in the past year were a Wake-up call that has led to an international Outcry and statements of intent. To more but also not.

The corona crisis has led us in the past few months how important it is to combat a global Problem together, and especially with global effective means. Given the global consequences that threaten by the massive deforestation of the rain forest, it is only logical, therefore, if the Amazon is once again on the Agenda of international politics.

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