Two years after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, Welthungerhilfe spoke out in favor of dealing pragmatically with the militant Islamist group.

“Something can only be achieved for the people in need together with the Taliban, not against them,” said Elke Gottschalk, Asia Regional Director of Welthungerhilfe, to the editorial network Germany.

Humanitarian aid must not be politicized

In the past two years, repeated attempts have been made to put pressure on the Taliban to end their inhumane policies in connection with international support. “But they didn’t let themselves be impressed at all,” said Gottschalk. Humanitarian aid should not be politicized.

“The West must engage in more dialogue with the Taliban,” warned the regional head. It’s not about recognizing them. “But whether we like it or not, we have to work with them.” A representation of Germany on site is urgently needed. “No embassy, ​​but the German government has to get its own picture of the situation in Afghanistan,” Gottschalk said, adding that it would be easier to establish contacts in order to establish a channel of communication with those in power.

20 years of military service

The Bundeswehr left Afghanistan in June 2021. On August 15, two years ago, the militant Islamist Taliban took Kabul with practically no resistance after a lightning offensive. Germany took part in an international military evacuation operation.

The processing of the 20-year Bundeswehr deployment in the country and the chaotic conditions after the Taliban took power are the subject of a committee of inquiry in the Bundestag and a commission of inquiry.