According to the media, a journalist was arrested after reporting on the mysterious wave of poisoning in Iran. The newspaper journalist Ali Purtabatabai was arrested, the newspaper “Entekhab” reported on Sunday evening (local time), citing his sister. The journalist worked in the religious stronghold of Qom, where the first cases of poisoning were reported months ago. More detailed information was not initially known.

The arrest does not contribute to “demystifying the rumors and news,” wrote reform politician and journalist Abbas Abdi on Twitter. It makes the rumors “even worse. I hope he will be released soon.”

The first cases of mysterious poisoning were reported in November. Iran’s government assumes targeted attacks. Schools for girls are almost exclusively affected. So far, hundreds of schoolgirls have been treated in hospitals across the country. Parents and relatives are outraged and angry, and there is still no official explanation. They accuse the authorities of failure and blame them. Doctors speak of poison gas attacks.