After the Iranian attack on Israel, the USA will impose new sanctions against Iran. This was announced by US President Joe Biden’s security advisor, Jake Sullivan, in Washington. The sanctions are therefore directed against the Islamic Republic’s missile and drone program, against supporters of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and against the Iranian Ministry of Defense.

The steps would be coordinated with allies and allies, including the G7 countries, as well as with the leaders of Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress, the statement said. The Pentagon and the US regional command Centcom continued to work on strengthening defense capabilities in the region.

Iranian attack on Israel largely repelled

Iran attacked Israel on Sunday night with hundreds of drones, rockets and cruise missiles, but these were almost completely intercepted – also thanks to the support of the US military. The attack was in response to a suspected Israeli-led airstrike on the Iranian embassy compound in Damascus that killed two generals from the influential Revolutionary Guard earlier this month.

Iran also has to expect new EU sanctions from the EU. This is what EU chief diplomat Josep Borrell said. After a video link between the foreign ministers of the European Union member states, Borrell said he would ask his team to prepare for further punitive measures.

“We will expand and tighten the sanctions regime (…).” Borrell did not initially say in the evening when the European Union’s planned new Iran sanctions could come into force. He simply pointed out that there would be another regular EU foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg next Monday.

Sanctions are intended to make it more difficult to build rockets

According to him, trade restrictions could, among other things, be expanded to make it more difficult for Iran to build missiles. It is also planned to target the delivery of drones and missiles to allies in the region.

For both measures, a sanctions regime is to be expanded that was set up after Iran began supporting the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine with the delivery of drones. So far, among other things, it has banned the export of components to Iran that are used for the construction and production of unmanned aircraft. In addition, people and organizations are affected by the punitive measures.