The Antifascist Action Alliance Stuttgart and Region has committed to the protest at an AfD information stand in front of the state parliament, during which two AfD MPs were slightly injured. The group admitted on its homepage and on Instagram that it had “disturbed” the AfD stand at Eckensee in Stuttgart. After a short time, “a scuffle broke out between the security service and members of the AfD.”

The Antifa activists also wrote in a statement on Friday that they had been physically harassed by both security employees and AfD MPs. The communication speaks of a “creative disruptive action”. Antifa did not respond to the police’s information that two members of parliament had been physically attacked and injured by the disruptors. The AfD presents itself as a victim. The Antifascist Action Alliance also criticized State Parliament President Muhterem Aras (Greens) for saying she regretted the incident.

The state security agency is investigating the case. A police spokesman said on Friday morning that a connection to Antifa could be assumed based on the inscriptions on the unrolled banner. That is the subject of the investigation.

Before a ceremony to mark the 75th anniversary of the Basic Law, two AfD politicians were attacked in front of the state parliament on Wednesday. According to the police, medical care was not necessary. The two AfD MPs reported being hit in the neck and head.