Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has called on the USA to make a joint effort against the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. “(Russia’s President Vladimir) Putin is also fighting democracies around the world and that’s why we have to stand together,” said the Green politician yesterday in the program “Special Report with Bret Baier” broadcast by the conservative TV channel Fox News. She added: “We are stronger than Putin’s brutal aggression.”

Asked how the war could end, Baerbock said: “With freedom and peace for Ukraine. And we will support Ukraine as long as that lasts.” The Green Party politician also spoke about her visit to Texas, where she met Republican Governor Greg Abbott. Baerbock said she wanted to get an idea of ​​everyday life in the general population. She also found out about how the state, known for its rich oil reserves, is switching more and more to renewable energy.

There was a technical glitch during the approximately six-minute conversation with the minister. Baier had to be replaced by substitute moderator Rich Edson for two questions. The right-wing conservative broadcaster’s interview with Baerbock was embedded in reporting on the indictment against US President’s son Hunter Biden and the announcement of an interview with the controversial Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. There was also a report on findings about extraterrestrials.