Israel says it has received US permission to sell its Arrow 3 missile defense system to Germany. This was announced by the Israeli Ministry of Defense on Thursday. This basically clears the way for the billion dollar deal. The ministry said it was the largest arms deal in Israeli history. The US State Department communicated the government’s decision to Israel on Thursday.

US approval was seen as the last major hurdle in the historic treaty between Germany and Israel. Negotiations on this began after the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine began last year. In a next step, representatives of the Israeli and German defense ministries and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) are to sign a declaration of commitment. After approval by the parliaments of both countries, the final treaty is expected to be signed towards the end of the year.

Arrow 3 “groundbreaking system”

Israeli Defense Minister Joav Galant spoke of a “significant decision” that would also benefit Israel’s economy. “It is also particularly significant for every Jewish person that Germany is buying an Israeli defense system.” Arrow 3 is a “groundbreaking system, the most advanced of its kind in the world, a power booster for Israel’s air defenses – and soon for those in Europe.”

The Bundestag’s budget and defense committees voted in favor of the purchase in June. According to Israeli information, the costs amount to almost four billion euros. The money is to be financed from the 100 billion special fund that was passed in response to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine.

Arrow 3 was jointly developed by Israel and the United States. It should be operational by the end of 2025. On a German initiative, it is to become part of a European air defense system. As the highest tier of Israel’s multi-tiered missile defense system, it can destroy attacking weapon systems at altitudes of over 100 kilometers. The system consists of command and control command post, radar devices, launch devices and the guided missiles.