The reservists association sees the reserve of the Bundeswehr in a desolate condition. “It’s a squad that still exists largely on paper,” said association president Patrick Sensburg of the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” and the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”. “A functioning reserve is part of an effective deterrent, especially against Russia at the moment. But the way the reserve is currently designed, it cannot do all that.”

He called for “a comprehensive reorientation” and better equipment. In order to increase the clout, Sensburg recommended more commitment for the service: “So far, reservists can decide for themselves whether they practice or not. In my opinion, they should be obliged to practice at least every two years for 14 days. For this time, they have to Reservists can also be released by the employer.”

In February, the FDP leadership brought a strengthened Bundeswehr reserve into play as an alternative to a return to conscription. Reservists could become a stronger component in a modern and powerful Bundeswehr, according to a draft decision for consultations in the party presidium.