After the New Year’s Eve riots in Berlin, the public prosecutor’s office filed the first charges against those allegedly involved. The Tiergarten district court has two cases against two young men aged 16 and 22, a spokeswoman said on Friday. In both cases, it is still being examined whether the evidence from the public prosecutor’s office appears sufficient for a trial. The RBB had previously reported. According to a spokesman, the Berlin public prosecutor’s office has so far received 50 proceedings relating to the riots at the turn of the year. About two-thirds of the cases are currently being processed by the police.

The first charges relate to allegations of physical assault on law enforcement officials. The 16-year-old is said to have attacked police officers with around 80 other people in Prenzlauer Berg shortly after midnight on January 1. According to the court spokeswoman, he is also accused of assault and resisting law enforcement officials. The 22-year-old is also involved in attempted dangerous bodily harm. He is said to have thrown a firecracker at a police officer who is said to have supported the fire brigade in extinguishing an apartment fire in Gesundbrunnen.