In Syria, at least 42 people were killed in heavy air strikes in Aleppo province, according to activists. In addition to Syrian army members, at least six members of the Lebanese Hezbollah were among the fatalities, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights based in Great Britain. Accordingly, the suspected Israeli attacks were aimed at a rocket depot belonging to the Shiite organization Hezbollah.

When asked, the Israeli army said it did not want to comment on the report. The Syrian state news agency Sana reported, citing a military source, that civilians as well as military personnel were killed and wounded in the attacks. Neither Sana nor Syrian television gave an exact number of victims. They blamed Israel for the bombings.

Hezbollah confirms three dead

The Lebanese Shiite organization Hezbollah has confirmed the deaths of three fighters after suspected Israeli air strikes in Syria. The group released the names of three members in a statement, without providing further details about how they died. However, Hezbollah circles said that they were killed in the attacks.

Israeli attacks again and again

Israel’s air force repeatedly bombs targets in neighboring Syria in an attempt to prevent Iran and its allied militias such as Hezbollah from expanding their military influence in the country. Israeli attacks have increased since the Gaza war began in early October. However, such high numbers of victims are rare.

The attacks occurred at dawn in an area near Aleppo international airport, according to the Observatory. Some factories were also hit.

Eyewitnesses from the province reported heavy smoke in the bombed areas and dozens of ambulances rushing to the area. Syrian government troops sealed off the areas.