In the debate about two climate protectors who have been criticized for taking a long-distance plane trip to Asia, the Last Generation climate protection movement has complained about double standards. One can understand that it triggers negative feelings when protesters of the last generation get on a plane, the organization said on Thursday. But it is also a double standard, for example to dig up the town of Lützerath as a “climate chancellor”.

The debate was triggered by a report in the “Bild” newspaper on Wednesday, according to which two climate activists should have appeared in court in Stuttgart because last autumn they and other activists blocked a federal highway and stuck there. According to the report, it is a woman who should have given evidence and a man who was accused. Instead of showing up, they flew to Bali and caused around 7.9 tons of CO2, the newspaper calculated. A discussion broke out on social media. Individual politicians had also spoken out critically.

The two did not fly to Bali, but to Thailand to “stay there for many months,” said the last generation. Your absence had been agreed with the court. The competent district court was initially unavailable for confirmation on Thursday.

Individual behavior is not unimportant, on the contrary, the climate activists said in a statement. Getting involved politically against climate collapse and changing your own life in the process often go hand in hand. Such a change of life is not a prerequisite for the protest.