Hours of heavy rain yesterday led to flooding in some districts in the Sauerland municipality of Wenden. As a spokesman for the volunteer fire department reported, the situation calmed down again late in the evening.

No one was hurt. Because of flooded cellars and a power outage, some affected residents of the Ottfingen district stayed overnight with friends. No one wanted to be taken to care accommodation.

The Olpe district control center had previously warned via the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) in Bonn: “There is a risk of flooding in the municipality of Wenden.” Children, neighbors and people with limited mobility should be helped, the official warning said. People in the area should also not enter basements and stay away from running water.

Because of the persistent heavy rain, the small Großmicke river overflowed its banks, the fire department spokesman reported. The German Life Saving Society with specialized flood units and the Technical Relief Agency were active on site, as a dpa reporter reported. Among other things, sandbags were delivered.

Residents in affected areas were asked to switch off heating and cooking devices, move to a safe place and follow the instructions of emergency services. The fire department spokesman said the rain initially eased somewhat late in the evening. The flow speed of the river will continue to be measured and the situation will be monitored.