Parties seem to be one of the things British Prime Ministers love – even if it gets them in trouble. “Partygate” brought negative headlines to ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson while he was still in office. A garden party in the Corona lockdown was followed by a birthday party (also in lockdown). And instead of appearing for a meeting of the national crisis team in the summer of 2022 due to the heat disaster, the prime minister, who was already leaving at the time, threw a private party at the luxury country estate Checkers.

Even at meetings under Liz Truss, there was a party atmosphere from time to time, reports the “Daily Mail”, among other things. Around the summer of 2022, when Truss (then British Foreign Secretary) was preparing for her post as Johnson’s successor in Chevening House, the department’s official country residence. A source told the Mail on Sunday that Truss used Chevening House “as a kind of mini number 10” for “meeting with her inner circle, which often turned into parties in the evenings”. 10 is the number of the seat of government on Downing Street. The meeting is now said to cost the ex-Prime Minister £12,000, but she is resisting it.

The Cabinet Office objected to taxpayers paying for the “summer parties”. According to the regulations for ministers, office-holders have to finance party or personal events in (official) residences themselves or through their party.

However, Truss claims the bulk of the bill relates to official government business, for which she should not be held liable. “The latest bill contains a mix of costs to her personally and costs of official government dealings with officials including (Cabinet Secretary) Simon Case and senior officials from other departments who met in Chevening during preparations for the transition,” it said.

Truss’ spokesman also referred to a public service code that officials would violate if they accepted entertainment during the campaign. Truss, on the other hand, has always paid for personal guests himself.

In addition, the ex-Prime Minister wants to pay for items that are said to have disappeared from the meetings. According to the Central Government Agency, these are bathrobes and slippers.

Truss therefore asked for the costs to be invoiced separately.

Another unspecified source close to Truss told the Mail on Sunday that the politician only received the August 2022 bill earlier this month. You have requested an exact invoice and want to pay it.

Sources: “Daily Mail”, “The Telegraph”, with material from DPA