An armed forces drone crashed on Tuesday at the former Bundeswehr air base in Erding, Bavaria. A spokesman for the Bundeswehr told the German Press Agency in the evening that he could confirm that an unmanned flying object had fallen to the ground. No people were injured.

The Bundeswehr spokesman was unable to give the reason for the use of the drone. He was also unable to provide any information about the property damage. According to dpa information, damage amounting to millions of euros is said to have occurred just from the damage to the aircraft. However, there was initially no confirmation of this. The police and the Bundeswehr military police are involved in the investigation into the cause of the accident.

According to the Bundeswehr spokesman, the flying object fell to the ground about 500 meters from the air base tower. The air base is no longer used for active flight operations by Bundeswehr aircraft. However, it is still designated as a military security area.