One day after a terror warning for Vienna, Austrian security authorities lifted the alarm level again. “After a new risk assessment by the Directorate of State Security and Intelligence, our security measures in the area of ​​the city of Vienna are now being greatly reduced,” the police said on Thursday evening.

According to the authorities, the terror alarm was primarily aimed at Syrian institutions due to the anniversary of the civil war in Syria. The conflict broke out there on March 15, 2011.

Information from the security authorities triggered a large-scale police operation in Vienna on Wednesday. State security relied on information that an Islamist-motivated attack could be imminent. As a result, the presence of patrol officers and anti-terror units in the city area was increased. Religious institutions of various denominations were given increased protection.

In November 2020, a convicted sympathizer of the terrorist militia Islamic State shot four passers-by in Vienna city center and injured 23 people, some seriously. In the course of processing the attack, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution was reformed.

Vienna police on Twitter