After her temporary exit from “Good Times, Bad Times,” Valentina Pahde (28) is currently putting her private life first. “A daily means having to be available in one place from Monday to Friday. The freedom I now have to spontaneously decide where I want to go next is a great and liberating feeling,” says the actress and influencer happily on the sidelines of the L’Oréal Paris fashion show “Le Défilé”.

Pahde was already working as a designer herself. “I express myself through fashion,” explains the 28-year-old. “Especially my mood. Every day is different, and so is my clothing style. I like to try out a lot of things and love combining my clothes with new items.”

She prefers to get inspiration at the airport. “It’s a place where many cultures and different nations come together. I could sit in the coffee shop for hours and watch the people there. I see so many different styles and cool looks that I remember and then recreate at home or on vacation .”

With what is now the sixth catwalk show “Le Défilé”, L’Oréal Paris once again celebrated female empowerment on Sunday evening – this year directly at the Eiffel Tower. Brand ambassadors Eva Longoria (48), Andie MacDowell (65) and Helen Mirren (78), among others, walked on the catwalk. “Seeing these extraordinary women so self-confident on the catwalk was very inspiring,” enthuses Pahde.

However, her greatest role model is her mother. “I don’t know any woman who has so much strength and energy and, above all, always a solution to every problem. And she is still so lovable and always herself.” And what is Pahde’s greatest strength? “I’m very loyal and honest,” said the actress.

She and her twin sister Cheyenne will be 29 years old next Wednesday. We then celebrate together in Munich, as the Munich native further reveals. “I’ll be in Asia at the end of the year.” There are more projects coming up for next year too.