back exercises without gym – We show how The back muscles your back muscles without equipment workout

a complex network of different muscle groups. A part of the muscles of the spinal erectors which allows the Lift of the spine and so the Central joint system of the body based is. The spine is exposed to in everyday life, continuous printing, and is strained by additional stresses, such as heavy Lifting. Especially long periods of Sitting in unhealthy positions (bent back!), increasingly this burden and can incidents to the intervertebral disc and chronic back pain lead. Through continuous Training of the erector spinae, the spine is relieved and the problems and attitude back to prevent damage.

When you Train the back muscles, you should make sure that the abdominal muscles are also trained. She is the antagonist of the erector spinae and stabilizes the entire body. If you only train a muscle group, the one-sided load, in turn, to an Overload on the spine and back pain. With these five Exercises, you train your back muscles without equipment, effective and simple.

1. Bridge with leg lift

Here is the back extensors and the quadriceps and the buttocks are the muscles trained. You lay on your back, arms next to the body. Bend the legs at about a 90 degree angle. With the strength of the legs and of the Pos you lift your pelvis up until your thighs and torso form a straight line. The arms can contribute to the stabilization of the bridge. Stretch a leg. You then put the leg on the ground and lower the pelvis, do not put but complete. Repeat the Exercise on each side at least ten Times.

2. Superman

here, Too, is the focus of the Exercise on the back extension and the gluteal muscles. You will lie on your stomach and extend the arms forward. From the force of the erector spinae, you raise legs and arms off the floor. When the pelvic and abdomen touch the floor, hold this Position for a few seconds. Then lower the legs and the torso slowly, however, without touching the ground, then lift it up again. You can repeat the Exercise 15 to 20 Times.

3. The forearm support, and since support

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For a healthy back muscles, you also need a strong opponent: is the abdominal muscles. This is the popular forearm support and since support is particularly well suited. With the forearm support, or Plank you are exercising including the abdominal muscles, the triceps, the shoulder muscles, the chest muscles and the leg muscles.

The side Plank trains the lateral abdominal muscles. You are on the right or left side of the body. With a fußaußen edge, a leg, the hip and one forearm touching the ground. Lift the body, thighs and torso form a line. The elbows remain on the floor under the shoulder. Press the fußaußen edge and the forearm in the ground and support the other Arm at the hip. Hold the forearm and the support as long as you can – in a straight line.

4. Leg lower

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This Exercise works the abdominal muscles and the hip flexors, the direct antagonist of the erector spinae. By the Lowering of the legs, particularly of the area is addressed to the lower part of the spine. You lay on your back and lift the legs at a right angle. Lower the legs as slowly as possible without falling into a hollow cross. Keep the legs a few inches off the ground and lift it again. Repeat this Exercise at least ten Times.

5. Quadruped

With this Exercise you work the spinal erectors, the glutes and the core muscles. In addition, the Exercise trains the coordination. For the starting position, go stand in the Quadruped. The back is straight. Stretch one Arm and the opposite leg. Together then, lower the elbows and the knees under the body. Repeat the Exercise with the other side.


These Exercises are easy to learn and the mountains, only little potential for error. However, you should make sure that all of the Exercises with the power of your muscles and not with momentum. Only then will you train the back and abdominal muscles optimally.


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