“You can write that you don’t like nettoposer,” suggests B. T. s underholdningschef, Fie West, after I have announced that I am looking for a theme for a column.

the Reason is, that I have told her how I once got a fusion, as my sweet mother-in-law brought her christmas presents in a nettopose, as I didn’t think matched my overstylede, julepyntede home. A reaction, I since both have apologized and regretted it.

“I hate nettoposer,” said the Instagram phenomenon Anders Hemmingsen, sitting opposite me, and continues: “All my friends know that I will not follow with them, if they have a nettopose with.”

“It is sin, for it is actually a really good bag,” says krimireporter Peter Astrup. “Much better than this apartment.”

“But this stylish logo is better,” notes Anders Hemmingsen.

“Yes, but if they were all white, so would Net-bag to win,” continues Peter Astrup.

“I once knew someone who was the girlfriend of the one who was called ‘Bag’, because he always went around with a bag with two øller,” the depositor the otherwise busy busy journalist Ditte – completely out of context.

Fie get us back on track: “most would probably first think that you are snobby, but then they will have to admit to themselves that they have been looking for an alternative bag to their skiftesko, when they had to go out and visit friends. I have since done,” she concludes.

They are all completely normal, intelligent people, who have now spent 10 minutes of their valuable time to actively participate in the discussion of the nettoposen.

The nettopose can something. Adults clearly have a position on it. “I wonder why?

Is it ‘you are a fattigrøv, who eats bad food’-the signal, we Jojobet are afraid to send, or is the bag just uklædelig? Why would we rather go around with a bag from Løgismose?

We the people have all been concerned with how we appear, and in such a degree, that we are prepared to lie in order to appear more cool.

In the media industry, where one often measures on people’s behavior and preferences, it has been a known phenomenon, that often there is no coherence between the answers you got, and what the numbers revealed. The documentary was weighted over the reality and newspaper of magazine, but the audience and oplagstal told a different story.

‘I’m such a, acting in the Net’ has not been the most obvious T-shirt-slogan at a time when statussymbolerne have been material. Big cars, big houses, luksusferier and branded. However, much to suggest that it is about to change, and here could nettoposen might get a new meaning.

In a time when there is increased focus on the rising inequality, environmental disasters and famine, as a result, it could suddenly go and be a little embarrassing to signal that ‘I’m one of those who spend more money than most’.

on the Net are in full swing with an aesthetic overhaul of many places in the country with new butiksdesign and their ecological bet ØGO, which is completely in line with the time. So the time for a possible re-launch of the nettoposen would be spot on, and the signal value could suddenly go and be more cool than an expensive bag from a branded store.

But low the of paper – for the sake of god. The plastic is yt.