“We are pushing not Fatima and Muhammad, but instead it fat in strange integrationstilbud.”

Earlier this year, said Ali Aminali up as a social worker and has now written the book ‘Ali’s history of denmark’ about his experiences in a system, he believes, is able to deal with a special group of citizens with ikkevestlig background on transfer.

In B. T. Live he explained Wednesday how this group find themselves in a bubble where they have become accustomed to not to see themselves as part of the Danish labour market. See the full interview at the top.

the Problem, believe Ali Aminali, must in particular be found in the way the system is set on.

“I have the experience of that many rise of non-western on social assistance has parked himself and put cultural and religious særhensyn in front of him. And so sitting there, unfortunately, a group of social workers and a system that does not break through the barriers, but instead accept it and instead begins to Betkanyon express offer and the approach to the people,” he said with reference to the various integrationstilbud, social workers can take, if sanctions f.ex. does not work.

“I have spoken with a woman with Turkish roots, who was born in Denmark, who had been sent to antropologsamtaler. Here, the anthropologist tell the girl, who is born in Denmark, how it is to live in Denmark. It makes no sense,” told Ali Aminali, who is a member of the Conservatives.

Ali Aminali also came with a second example:

“When you f.ex. have a ikkevestlig woman, as you repeatedly have sanctioned and do not know what to do with, you might be inclined to find solutions in integrationskassen. She may say that she can’t take up the offer on the cleaning job, because she of the cultural reasons can not go in the pants.”

“And then it can end with you as a social worker accepts that she can continue to support, because she is already sharing out flyers in the local area. It may sound beskæftigelsesagtigt enough, then you can tick her and go on to Lonnie and Thomas, as you would never put to hand over the arab flyers in a block of flats.”

Ali Aminalis book, ‘Ali’s history of denmark’, was published 5. november.