Uttar Pradesh schools remain closed. Around 250 schools under the Unaided Private School Association, (UPSA), have threatened to halt online classes if they aren’t reopened soon.

UPSA also stated that they would withdraw their support during the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election process if it does not allow the resumption of physical classes.

The Uttar Pradesh government had issued an order for the closing of all schools in the state to stop students from attending offline classes between January 16 and 23. Due to an increase in Covid-19 cases, the closure was extended to February 6, and schools were requested to continue offering online classes.

UPSA stated that it would wait until February 6, after which it would cease all online classes, if they are not resumed offline.

Anil Agarwal, President of UPSA has been vocal about this issue. Anil Agarwal claims that government interference in private school operations, such as fee hikes, the use of school vehicles to vote, and delay in reimbursement of fees to schools for admissions under Right to Education is causing a decline in quality education.

“The government is calling students to participate in various programs where Covid-19 safety protocol has been ignored, then why is it not allowing schools on campus to teach classes,” UPSA President was further asked.

UPSA is also concerned about having to close down its schools if the state government doesn’t allow them to raise fees. Agarwal said that schools have suffered huge financial losses as a result of the pandemic. Many students had already left school.

It is possible to expect a decision on the reopening school in Uttar Pradesh within the next few days. Schools were ordered to remain closed until February 6, 2022.