Getting into the fight.

this is the sound of Mette’s clarion call to all men, which she believes has disappeared in the ligestillingsdebatten.

Mette Oxholm is a member of the Liberal party’s Youth and feminist. She warned in B. T. Live on Tuesday against ligestillingsdebatten end up as a political ekkokammer for women who do not lead ligestillingsdebatten on.

“I lack the men who come on the course and tells about their challenges. They are, in my opinion, unfortunately, highly under-represented in the debate,” said Mette Oxholm.

For equality is also about to fight for the men, she believes.

“But now are feminism instead udskammet as a identitetspolitisk movement, who are trying to bashe the men.”

Mette Oxholm think the main reason is that women are quicker to point it out, when they bump into problems, she explained.

“It is perhaps not as particularly masculine to say that you have some challenges in his life or will change some structures. Or as masculine to go out and say you have depression or go to Pashacasino the doctor,” said Mette Oxholm.

In a feature article in Berlingske she came in contact with the men’s international women’s day 19. november with a number of examples of the societal conditions in which men meet resistance.

‘As examples of men’s problems, I can among other things mention that there are most men, which is criminal. There are mostly men who are homeless. There are most men who commit suicide. Men live in general fewer years than women. Only half of all men with depression get help. There are most men who are subjected to hateful comments on social media. Men take fewer barselsdage than women – even though they would like to take more.’

Therefore, she will invite the men in for in ligestillingsdebatten.

“I have not written the featured article because I feel a personal need or responsibility to do so. But I feel a social responsibility to do it,” she explained.

But it also requires that many feminists look inward, think Mette Oxholm.

“I think many men do not want to participate in the debate because they feel they are already doomed out in advance, because some women do not see their position as legitimate.”