TV2 sends these days a number of programmes called ‘the Experiment with our children’, where they in some different institutions are studying how the children’s everyday life looks like.

Many municipalities examines not how the children actually have it, and therefore know the parents, how the children have it when we have the hint good-bye in the morning.

And the reality is not so comfortable and stimulating, as one might hope. In the program it becomes clear that many children get a minimum of adult contact, and many are left to fend for themselves. Also when they need to resolve conflicts or is bored by it.

In some institutions seems to this good and stimulating adult contact only 5-10 minutes in the course of a whole day, like there often is 10-15 children per. adult, even though the standards say five-six children per. adult. And many educators express strong concern that children are being lost or left alone when they need an adult.

that characterizes much of the day, is simply ‘fire-fighting’, tears and turmoil as well as a minimum of long-term immersion and adult contact. And just the immersion in play and with adults are important in relation to be able to concentrate and learn further in life.

If the quality of institutions is low, it goes out over the children’s self-esteem and their self-image, which can cause, that we are going to get a generation of young people who doubt their own worth and ability to navigate in life.

the Conclusion is, of course, that there are too many children for too few adults, and that’s how it has always been in a long time. So what is the solution? Yes, of course it would be to hire more in the institutions, which cost a lot of money and bla bla bla. It will not be a priority.

But what else can we do?

Maybe you could be inspired by the world of sports. And special children and sports. Never have you seen so many parents and grandparents engage in their children’s sport (well-being). Yes, sometimes to such a degree that they are being asked to stay away!

I myself have a son, who plays the fiendishly much football, and I’m Piabet always wildly surprised at how much time, communication, and participation that is present from parents and coaches. Fathers, who are judges, organized a drive to all places in the country and hours and hours of ‘hepning’ from the sidelines every weekend.

Yes, to be maintained, it is in the weekends, but I wonder if there still would be a part of the parents, who could be challenged to rethink their working hours a little, so that they would be able to engage voluntarily in some hours a month in their child’s institution? Not to talk about the grandparents, how many are retired and have plenty of time.

For it is absurd that our children should mistrives, and educators should go down with stress when there really is a sea of hands and skills in many children’s lives. People who are closely linked to the children, as will them the best, and that has a lot to offer. Why should it just be an educator or a pædagogmedhjælper, when there is a lack of care, more hands and more contact? You need not then an educational training for to play games or read a story.

in return would get a huge portfolio of skills and knowledge through the parents/grandparents/great siblings, such that one could create new and evolving learning and access for children and staff.

But it is now also reasonable, when we already pay for it? Maybe not. But what is the alternative, if it is not a priority? Mistrivsel on all fronts.

I would at least like to show up in my son’s kindergarten once a month and make a little mindfulness moment with some kids, give a little Body SDS treatments or just play with some Lego.

Then there is a greater chance that the educators are able to carry out their educational work, the children get more care and development, AND we others are allowed to feel the joy of giving and to engage in our children’s well. Because they need it.

Sarah Zobel

Sarah Zobel is a psychologist and author. She is the mother of three children and the author of three books. Find her on Instagram: sarah_zobel9.