‘I have a girlfriend,’ I repeat to the apparently rather sløvtopfattende lord, who stand in front of me.

He was leaning drunk against the table with his hand in a hard grip on the half empty drink, he a moment earlier offered me to take a sip of. As a kind of friendly gesture, guess I’m on. He looks up from my breasts and looking me in the eyes.

‘Why is he not here tonight, him your boyfriend?’ he asks, received, while he leans completely over me and make amusing inverted commas with his fingers. Charming.

I’m obviously an easy prey for him, and the fact that I have a girlfriend, scares clearly not the drunken lord away – it almost seems as if it gives him more blood on the tooth. Like several other men of the night put the full guy does not hide that he would like to score ‘someone like me’. If nothing else, so the ‘just one night’.

It is julefrokosttid, and it seems as if christmas – or the many bottles of snaps, which often follows with the accompanying lunches – makes people a little extra insistent.

In the starting point, I think, of course, that it is great when people show me interest. And when they actually tell me that I’m wonderful, so soler, I like the attention. It is nice with confirmation, and I think it is great when we dare to give it to each other, whether we are friends or strangers.

There, where the chain jumps of for me, is when you do not respect a ‘no thanks’. For indeed, I think it is a lack of respect, when a guy has made overtures, and I politely tell him that I did have a girlfriend.

In my book it is exactly the same as to say: ‘I think, you seem mighty sweet, but I’m not interested in you in that way.’ Yes, in fact I would go so far as to say that I think it is perfect utækkeligt to put lead on a man who tells the left that it is in a fixed relationship.

I love to walk in the city. I love to dance, meet new people, laugh, think and have fun with both friends, acquaintances and those I do not yet know. I often fall into conversation with people, I do not know – and whether it is men or women, I am basically not so much in, so long as we are enjoying ourselves and laughing at the same jokes. In mutual respect, mind you.

I think it is deeply disrespectful to make further approximations to a man who has declared his love for another. I mean, what are they expecting at all to get out of it? A quick shag? A sense of ultimate victory, because they have left another man’s woman?

Maybe I’m just well and thoroughly old-fashioned, but I just do not get it. Even if it – as a hypothetical example – should ever end with, that I would let me seduce in such a situation, then I think then basically not, that I would be a pretty good catch with it completely smashed moral compass, it would require me to first highlight my gf for later to piss on him by going with another man home.

It would be a characteristic of the ugliest, and that someone has to want to dig for that kind of – whether it’s just for a quick garbage or not, I think, is distasteful.

Yes, actually, I think just that we should not be put depends on each other’s boyfriends, get delete and right is not anything good out of it. In any case, nothing will come out of that place depends on me, if it is for anything other than to have a nice chat and a potentially new friend. New friends is there namely always space for.

The full man awaiting my answer. For a brief moment, I’m considering going into the dialogue and tell him about how wonderful my boyfriend is, and how little he gets out of using his energy to score me, when we could just have fun, bowls and take a quick swing the little on the dance floor, it had to be true game.

But I fancy it quite frankly not, for I am fairly convinced that he will not understand. Not because he can’t, I think it’s even enough; he just will not. I differ, toast – with my own drink, of course – wish the man a good evening and zooming in rather than out on the dance floor with a friend under the arm.

perhaps It is only christmas once a year, but why do we not behave like idiots, right?


Cana-Announcements 33-year-old is originally trained as a midwife, but live in today to be a blogger, instagrammer, and author. She has recently published his third book titled ’40 things you need to know about your birth’.