the children of Men is now some strange postcards.

There can himles up, and it arouses great indignation, if a problem just is small enough. Now the other day when I heard two nice people say:

“See, there sits the drunkards down in front of the supermarket and drink bajere on the bench, and it happens for my money, it is for the wrong.”

But how bad is it in reality?

recently we got to know that many hundreds of Danish small companies have ‘sortvasket’ white money to be able to afford to pay f.ex. black wages. They ordered some fake bills, which they then paid, then the payments are exchanged at an office to cash the money, and so could all cheat both the Tax and vat and the whole shebang at once.

Smart is not?

But we are not talking so much about. It is pretty much already forgotten. And the ministries are caught in error and negligence, and outright frauds. We get angry and indignant, and yet it gets forgotten, when there comes a new scandal. Even though we are talking about billions!!

But sutterne on the bench, which raises the public service, can one jolly get us up in the red field. Now you could of course ask, as I myself did it once, when the two nice ladies loudly expressed their indignation over the sutterne.

“Would you swap with them?” Øhhh no, well?

You could also choose to price themselves happy, that they probably never would show up on a site, for here they would be a plague to all good colleagues. We must in other words pay some to stay away.

But it still gives rise to indignation. For it is then too rough.

It is also forargeligt, that there are still colleagues who would like to take a smoke a few times a day. Who are they? Why should they in six-seven minutes allowed to miss from work? Here I just knokle. So except when I’m talking privately during working hours with her friend in the phone. Or I grab a little extra coffee breaks. Or I’m sitting and trades on the net or just checking my Facebook.


For smokers is quite officially labeled as bad friends and colleagues. And now we are making them criminals, too many places do not smoke during working hours. Try to repeat after me: You must not smoke during working hours, even when working from home in his own home!!!

And it is also too wrong. And now some think that we probably will not have, that we celebrate our christmas.

It is in any case too wrong. Yes, we should guess that more than 90 percent keeps christmas here in Denmark, but I have scientific evidence for it. Therefore, it is of course quite in order, that we give the whole arm with the christmas – the one and the other.

Now there is indeed a good news to them, that not just will keep christmas. Christmas has, in fact, originally nothing at all with the Child jesus to do. It was certainly an old solhvervsfest here in the dark north, and who in the world can have anything against holding a party in order to keep the darkness out and celebrate that in spite of everything we are going towards brighter days?

IT should be able to bring the nation together. But WHO is it really, that will take christmas from us? It is not just ourselves who creates us? Do we need to abide by it? It is shown the story of the little feather that became five hens.

we Must not just adopt, that the jews, of course, must have their feasts, and the muslims their, they should be allowed to keep in peace and respect from the rest of us? Just as we keep christmas.

But even though it was a small feather, it was for the wrong. AND maybe it WAS the year 2019, precisely the year when too much was too wrong. We had not read Halfdan Rasmussen’s old wonderful verses, because there was ‘negro’.

It is to say ‘he’ and ‘she’ was very rude because it might offend someone who would rather be anything else. Respect for them, but honestly: again something nonsense, that we must PROVE that we do not condemn, by modifying a quite common word. You can’t show respect in any other way?

I think we should use the christmas/festive season/winter/feriedagene, or what the heck we call it, to relax in. Also in relation to our surroundings. Hold the dog mouth shut with all the myths and prejudices about each other and let’s show any more tolerance.

Love for the ‘almost’ is the christmas message, and the message found in all religions. So, in addition to we need to buy a lot and eat half-unconscious, we must also think of them, blowing on or look down on the rest of the year.

just Think, if it could spread to last beyond the three christmas days??

It was perhaps not so wrong.

Mimi Jakobsen Debater and former minister

Mimi Jakobsen was born in 1948. She is the former minister, president of the Centre-Democrats and the secretary-general of save the children. Today she is a writer and debater. She has two sons.