The few danes know the website of the, and if it is not right because there goes millions of tax dollars to operate it, it would also not make it big.

at the time Of writing can, among other things inform about a new produktlov, which are made in the beginning of 2020. You can also read about the distribution of forskningsreserven and a forthcoming meeting between Mette Frederiksen and the president of France, Emmanuel Macron.

for a fine and interesting things, which, however, has been about as exciting as the instructions on a washing machine.

It is there for a reason. There is talk about an information platform, where the government can inform the masses about all the exciting things that tampered with in the various ministries. It marks, in other words, the sender’s clear desire to appear in the best possible way. Peace be with it; you understand, of course, to the full an incumbent government’s desire to communicate their own accomplishments are clean and without annoying journalists and their follow-up questions.

It was the government under Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who in his time had the idea and created the fresh channel of communication, where the sender determines the message in a desired em of real news service. Makrobet

Now it is no longer Lars Loop but Mette Frederiksen’s ministers, who have staffed taburetterne in the ministries, and therefore it is also them and their political initiatives, you can read about on the

A communication medium, the Social democrats already know from their practice of allowing paid ‘interviewers’ get the party’s ideas out to the people in the right way.

it will However be tremendously embarrassing when politicians, who have previously made the service to, while they were in opposition, suddenly see the fine sense of madness, when they can even determine the content.

the Extra Leaf has confronted the socialist health and ældreminister, Magnus Heunicke, with the difference in the perception of the website, the shift in power apparently has led to.

As the Heunicke was in opposition, he called the for ‘an advertising and propagandaside’, ‘selvros’ and ‘a picture postcard of government policy’.

Now, where he can manage the messages on the page, it is suddenly ‘a good tool’, and that ‘it is of course quite right that the government communicates about what the ministers have time”. A u-turn carried out with næsehornets elegance.

The young people would call it cringe. We can once again let us wonder over how quickly a shift in power can also lead to a shift in position, while we try to straighten the toes out of our shoes.

to paraphrase a well-known political quotation must state that it is possible to have a position, and getting a power.