Donald Trump is on the path to impeachment.

It got him, of course, up in the red box with the same, but one should not rejoice too quickly, either in the country or in the UNITED states.

He does not disappear.

Congress voted to begin an impeachment. The president is accused on two counts: abuse of power, and thwarting of Congress.

Donald Trump tried to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate Joseph Biden, who wants to be the new president next year in place of Trump.

According to the charges has Trump thwarted Congressional work to uncover the Ukrainian afpresningssag.

The two counts will be enough for the case to be initiated in the coming year.

But Donald Trump does not disappear.

The upcoming impeachment must be determined by his own fellow party members, and they ‘betray’ him.

The current president of the Trump therefore, it is expected to be ready for next year’s presidential election.

It can be difficult for Danish voters to understand why Trump is so popular, he probably will be re-elected. Especially if one reads the Danish media.

Donald Trump is in many parameters horrible. He’s lying, he harms the people, he is vain and feel constantly persecuted.

He breaks with all previous agreements and conventions, both the real international agreements, the UNITED states has signed and the way one can behave in as president.

There is another side of Donald Trump and his politics, which we rarely reflect upon or respect.

Trump has from the beginning gone up against its Nato allies. It was not necessarily elegant, for it brought uncertainty about the alliance, but he still managed to get the european countries to increase their defence budgets.

It is an old agreement that countries must pay two percent of GDP. It made very few Nato countries in the past.

Denmark has for the past 20 years cut in Defense and never considered whether to use the two percent. Now is invested wisely everywhere – not least in Denmark.

Let’s just admit, it was not done without Trump.

Donald Trump is in a trade war with China. It was completely unthinkable in the past, although China, since they were included in the world trade organisation, WTO, have broken the agreements they made at the time of inclusion.

China is beginning to comply. It was not done, if not Trump had initiated a confrontation with them.

the UNITED states is currently experiencing a growth and jobboom. Creating jobs like never before, and it favours, in particular, the poorest.

They have thus gained a new opportunity in the job market, which in itself can elevate their living conditions, and there are several positive effects of Donald Trumps policy.

Trump will after Wednesday’s adoption of an impeachment against him, tweeting, and lying like never before. He will hang the media out to be fake news. He will fire the people who don’t back him up.

He can be hard to take serious for us, but it is necessary, for on the plus side, count so many achievements, that he may be re-elected.

Donald Trump does not disappear.

Michael Dyrby Editor-in-chief, B. T.

Michael Dyrby is editor-in-chief of B. T. He is a former nyhedsdirektør on the TV 2