Sofie Gråbøl may like to play a fat woman in the movie ‘Resin’.

Right now it will be otherwise debated whether it is within reasonable limits, that she is doing it.

Fatsuit is the new blackface, sounds the criticism. The logic is that it is not okay that a slim actor dress up in a costume to be thick on the film, because it had to be a way to make fun of thick people. ‘Tykfobisk’, exactly, and the ‘deeply problematic’, as Dina Amlund, cand.mag. in modern culture, call it in the newspaper Politiken.

She sees a trend and highlights the Russell Crowe role in the film ‘The Loudest Voice’ as another example:

‘That Crowe outside of the canvas has a brand as ‘tasty normative man’, stresses the thickness, we are looking at when we see him play the vicious, thick mediemogul,’ she writes.

the Argument is an extension of the discussion of ‘blackface’, that is whether white can afford to play black, when played plays.

But just to clarify:

Carsten Knudsen from De Nattergale do like to play Gertrud Sand with falsetstemme and Jestbet floral dress in ‘The Julekalender’.

Seas Egelind and Kirsten Lehfeldt do like to play ølglade Carsten and Helge with slikhår, hængerøv and paunch.

Inger Nilsson must like to play Pippi Longstocking, although she is not a redhead by nature.

Joaquin Phoenix may play a role, where he sits in a wheelchair, as in ‘Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot’. It is not ‘offensive against handicapsamfundet’, as the criticism sounded.

In the same way, is it okay that Alec Baldwin plays blind in the movie ‘Blind’ – it does not ‘disabled for a costume’, as the critics argued – it simply means that one plays a role. A role in a movie, where the character is blind.

Ulf Pilgaard do like to play queen Margaret in Cirkusrevyen. Tim curry is allowed to play Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

Daniel Radcliffe may play wizard in ‘Harry Potter’, even though he’s not in reality. Elijah Wood must like to play the Hobbit, Michelle Pfeiffer may like to play ‘Catwoman’, even if she is not a superhero.

We are about to get far out, but it is obviously necessary.

the Spectacle is fiction, and if there is a message or a critique in fiction, it is in the theme and in the action. Not in the metalag, as the choice of actors constitute in this context.

Sofie Gråbøl is a fantastic actress – she will be better to play anything than almost anyone on the film. Better to play a blind person than most of the blind, the better to play mandsperson than most men and better to play a fat person than most thick.

If you are basically not allowed to play other than themselves on film, it all becomes a sad and socialrealistisk affair, all of it.

the Acting is… acting!

Sofie Gråbøl must like to play thick in the film ‘Resin’.