Sunday ended the UN’s longest-running climate change negotiations ever in a kind of collapse.

COP25 led to good enough to an agreement, but in fact it can be compared with the icing on a ubagt cake – truly, it was decided to wait to decide anything about how the world should cut down on climate-damaging substances, to november next year, when the COP26 will be held in Glasgow, Scotland.

the COP meeting COP meeting, it becomes more and more evident that our international political system have more than ordinary trouble to solve a global problem such as the present.

special Interests end up each time to derail the opportunity to reach agreement on binding requirements, there really will be able to move anything. No one has yet been able to drive a sword through that particular gordian knot.

the EU was during the negotiations among the proponents of raising ambition on climate behalf, while several major countries, which accounts for a large portion of the climate-damaging emissions, was opposed to the. Without the consent of the countries like China, USA, Brazil and India is a deal very much worth it.

With the vague outcome of the talks in Madrid, it is in other words not been easier to achieve the climate goals that were set with the treaty of paris during the COP21 in 2015.

the Agreement will ensure that the global temperature increase stays below two degrees, but if the world community really decides that it is vitally important, it is unlikely to happen.

Regardless of whether one is sceptical about klimaproblemets extent or not, it is shameful and ominous to find that the world’s leaders not able to reach an agreement, and designate a direction. Without a global leadership on the topic of spreads naturally in several places with a sense of desperation and powerlessness.

Humanity is undeniably a great size, which throughout history have coped with incredible challenges and has created fantastic progress and solutions along the way.

We are now so developed that we, as the first species on the planet ever is able to influence our own future – in both the positive and negative direction.

While the previous threats to our arts well-being, as the atomic bomb, being handled roughly through international agreements and currently works as a this threat, the situation is different with climate change.

the Pessimists might say, that humanity with the climate change challenge has created the first problem, which not even the abilities to solve.

But how to use it, of course, not to think. If the problem really cannot be solved by political means, we must put our trust in the hittepåsomhed and the ability of the inventions that have solved problems and created progress. Of course it can be done again.